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Social, Cultural and Political Change

Identity and gender politics

Identity and Gender Politics

Investigating the capacity of the general practitioner workforce to meet ongoing HIV primary care needs in Australia

Researchers: Robert Reynolds, John de Wit, Christy Newman, Susan Kippax (University of NSW), Michael Kidd (Flinders), Peter Canavan


The number of people living with HIV in Australia is increasing and ageing, requiring an expert primary care workforce to provide clinical care into the future. Yet the numbers of GPs training as s100 prescribers may be insufficient to replace those leaving to retire or change jobs.

This study will provide critical and timely evidence for why and how GPs pursue or continue careers in HIV in different caseload and geographical settings across Australia. Data collection will comprise in-depth interviews with policy key informants and clinicians, as well as an archival review of relevant policy and educational materials.

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Current to: 2012

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The plague years: a history of the emotional impact of HIV/AIDS on Sydney gay life

Researcher: Robert Reynolds


From the first clinical notification in the early 1980s through to the advent of new treatments in the mid 1990s, HIV/AIDS fundamentally altered the dynamics of gay life. This study focuses on the Sydney gay community, the epicentre of the Australian AIDS epidemic during the 1980s and 1990s.

We consider the emotional impact of HIV/AIDS on a generation of gay men who had fought for and enjoyed gay liberation in the 1970s. Through the prism of trauma theory, and via methodology of oral history, this project seeks to understand how a community survives and deploys intense emotions.

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