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Funding for researchers

Australian Government grants | Macquarie University Research Fellowships

Macquarie University is currently ranked 9th out of 41 Australian universities for successful research funding through government grants.

The following grants are available to senior researchers and postdoctoral fellows though the Australian Government and Macquarie University.

Australian Government grants

Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Projects

  • ARC Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship (APD)
  • ARF/QE11 Fellowship
  • ARC Future Fellowships
  • ARC Australian Laureates Senior Fellowships

Note: The ARC Discovery projects schedule is currently undergoing a review and details of offerings will be available in January 2011.  See Discussion paper

ARC Discovery Indigenous Researcher Development Program

More about the Indigenous Researcher scheme

ARC Linkage Projects Scheme 

  • Australian Post Doctoral Fellowships - Industry (APDI)
  • Australian Post Doctoral Award - Industry (APAI)

Information and selection criteria

National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC) grants

NHMRC closing dates and useful links

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Macquarie University Research Fellowships

Two Macquarie University fellowship schemes operate each year and are available to internal, external, international and domestic researchers.

  • Macquarie University Research Fellowship (MQRF)
  • Macquarie University Vice Chancellors Innovation Fellowship (MQVCIF)

Details and deadlines: Macquarie University Internal Funding Schemes

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Funding info

To find out more about Macquarie University and government grant schemes, please contact:

Jennifer Newton
Manager, Research Grants
Macquarie University Research Office
T: +61 2 9850 8609

ARC grants

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